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I’m Anton and I’m glad to have you here!

I’m a Fantasy Author, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur. Aside from Worldbuilding and Writing, I love to explore Personal Finance, Fitness, and Life Hacks like travel, minimalism, and parenthood.

Check out my work above, or head over to the blog for Worldbuilding and other Writing stuff, and follow my writing journey. You can also find me on social media.

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The stigma that is government

It’s not easy working in government because most people there work for their benefit. In a democracy, government employees and elected officials should serve the country by serving the people they represent. It’s the banner ad. It’s what is written in the common law and many written laws. However, this is not the case on…

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Risk, pleasure, and success

The human mind evolved to protect you, not make you happy.Tony Robbins Tony Robbins could not say it any truer. We are wired to survive, not to be happy. So our mind is always on the lookout for danger. Things that could harm us. But gone are the days when physical danger plagued mankind on…

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